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Connor Holland

Department: Physics
Faculty Adviser: Lawrence Cheuk
Year of Study: G3
Undergraduate School: Stanford
Undergraduate Major: Physics

Personal Bio

I am originally from San Diego, California and did my undergrad and a masters at Stanford. I did my undergrad in Physics (minor Math) and my masters in Applied and Engineering Physics. I am currently a PhD student in the Physics department at Princeton. I did physics research from my freshman year onward -- two years in condensed matter physics and three years in atomic molecular and optical (AMO) physics, which is the subfield in which I am doing my PhD During my undergrad and masters, I was also involved in a cappella and the Stanford band.

Fun Fact

My "fun fact" is that I've been to all seven continents.

Research Pitch

I am a doctoral student in Physics studying atomic molecular and optical (AMO) physics. Our lab falls under the category of doing quantum simulation with CaF molecules. By cooling and trapping molecules in an optical tweezer array, we hope to perform simulation of highly interacting many body quantum systems such as high temperature superconductors or systems of interacting spins described by the XY model.

Plans for Summer 2022

Confirmed pairing; no longer looking for a mentee.

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