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Joy Zheng

Department: Electrical and Computer Engineering
Faculty Adviser: Andrew Houck
Year of Study: G1
Undergraduate School: Brown University
Undergraduate Major: Physics & Computer Science

Personal Bio

Hi! My name is Zhaoyi Zheng and I also go by Joy. I was born and raised in Beijing, China till 2017 when I moved to Brown University to study physics and computer science. I have done research in different physics fields as well as internships in software engineering. Currently, I am a first year graduate student in ECE pursuing quantum computing research. Outside of school, I love running, swimming, playing the piano, and traveling (I just finished a 3-week cross-country road trip before coming to Princeton!). I also recently got into music production and skateboarding.

Fun Fact

I have tried more than 20 flavors of Oreos.

Research Pitch

I am interested in developing scalable and reliable quantum computers. Quantum computers rely on quantum bits (qubit) instead of classical bits for information storage and computation, which leads to exponentially faster computation and larger storage capacity. However, controlling and manipulating quantum systems remain a big challenge. I hope to improve the control mechanisms of quantum systems and to discover new physical systems that can be used as reliable qubits through experimental research.

Plans for Summer 2022

Not available to participate in Summer ReMatch+ program.

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