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Gabriel Dolsten

Department: Lewis-Sigler Institute for Integrative Genomics
Faculty Adviser: Yuri Pritykin
Year of Study: G2
Undergraduate School: Yale
Undergraduate Major: Math

Personal Bio

Hello! I did independent research at Yale and at IBM, on the topics of machine learning (graph signal processing) applied to single-cell RNA-seq data, as well as in silico simulations of mitochondrial death pathways at IBM. I love Princeton for all the interesting and amazing people here!
I like playing squash, and I want to get into rock climbing because I have a fear of heights which I want to conquer :-)

I was born in Sweden but grew up in the suburbs of NY.

I am excited to mentor undergraduates interested in research!

Fun Fact

I am learning Yiddish and I would be a tuber (toooooober).

Research Pitch

I am working in the topic of chromatin architecture, which explores how DNA is folded up in the cell. Unlike protein folding, where the structure is a function of biochemical properties, DNA folding is actively maintained by the cell using proteins and transcription factors. The fundamental question is: why does DNA in your cells not get tangled and crumpled like headphones in your pocket? How can the cell disentangle your DNA for replication? I primarily use computational approaches for studying these questions in fruit flies and T-cells. We analyze data sets known as Hi-C and Micro-C. Many diseases seem to be associated with dysfunctional DNA folding, so there are possible medical applications.

Plans for Summer 2022

Looking for mentee to participate in Summer ReMatch+ program.

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