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Dali Davis

Department: Chemistry
Faculty Adviser: John Groves
Year of Study: G3
Undergraduate School: University of West Georgia
Undergraduate Major: Chemistry

Personal Bio

Although I was born in Lansing, Michigan, I grew up in Georgia and attended undergrad there. I was a chemistry major with a biology minor, and I got to do independent research for two years working on the synthesis of potential anti-tumour drugs. I also got to do a REU at Michigan University where I worked on methodology.

I think that the word that best describes me is hardworking because that can go beyond just the lab. I feel like everything that I do, I put in a lot of effort, whether it be running an experiment, working out, or planning a surprise for friends.

Something that I love about Princeton is its proximity to local farms and trails. I love outdoor activities (hiking, kayaking, fishing) and am always looking for a reason to go outside!

Fun Fact

My fun fact is that I am the second oldest of six girls.

Research Pitch

I am working on a project that is a collaboration between the Groves lab in the chemistry department and the Myneni lab in geosciences. I focus on the formation and fate of naturally occurring organochlorines in the terrestrial environment. It is interesting becuase although we know of enzymes capable of chlorinating organic compounds, there is still not a clear connection to organisms and specific chlorinated compounds. By studying this, we can better understand how chlorine is cycling through the environment, and there are also applications for bioremediation if we consider how these natural organochlorines are degraded. The research involves field work where soil samlpes are collected, and the larger component which involves working with enzymes and their reactivities.

Plans for Summer 2022

Confirmed pairing; no longer looking for a mentee.

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