Anirudh Sridhar

Anirudh Sridhar

Department: Electrical and Computer Engineering
Faculty Adviser: Mikos Racz, H. Vincent Poor
Year of Study: G4
Undergraduate School: Carnegie Mellon University
Undergraduate Major: Electrical and Computer Engineering

Personal Bio

Hello! I'm Ani. I grew up in Michigan and went to undergrad at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. When I was there, I worked on some interesting problems in the intersection of game theory, graph theory / network science and dynamical systems. I still work with my collaborators from undergrad today!

Outside of work, I enjoy doing road trips, hiking, visiting New York City and brewing a nice cup of chai or coffee.

Fun Fact

My guilty pleasures are building Legos and watching the Bachelor / Bachelorette.

Research Pitch

I am a mathematician interested in understanding the structure of complex networks as well as the processes facilitated by them. In particular, I answer questions like:
1) How do complex processes (e.g., viral spread or social behavior) evolve on networks?
2) How can we design algorithms to extract key information from network data?
These questions have important implications in various domains, including social networks, biological networks, and epidemiology.

Some of my recent work includes modeling viral spread (motivated by the pandemic) as well as inference on networks with correlated structure. Most of my work is theoretical, but I'm also interested in building models and playing around with cool datasets.