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Fred d'Oleire Uquillas

Department: Princeton Neuroscience Institute
Faculty Adviser: Jesse Gomez, Samuel S.-H. Wang
Year of Study: G3
Undergraduate School: UC Berkeley
Undergraduate Major: Psychology

Personal Bio

I studied Psychology at UC Berkeley. There, I got to work in three research laboratories and learned psychometrics, psychophysics, and fMRI. I was a Biology Fellow through a Howard Hughes Medical Institute undergraduate research fellowship, and I worked on a project examining the role of a therapeutic drug on cognitive efficiency and changes in brain networks. I applied for an NIH post-bac, got it, but ended going to NYC instead to work as a clinical research coordinator. I later pivoted to different topics and imaging techniques, and moved to the Boston area to work with the Harvard Aging Brain Study as a neuroimaging assistant. My work there focused on neuroimaging markers of age-related processes and their effect on large-scale brain networks. My work there culminated in three first-author publications and various co-authorships.

Fun Fact

I love to cook and learn new recipes. However, I'm not the greatest baker.

Research Pitch

My research at Princeton investigates the lifespan development of cerebellar-neocortical networks.

Brain regions develop in synchrony across childhood, and while recent neuroimaging implicates the cerebellum in cognition, its role in development is unclear.

I study how coordinated patterns of brain development diverge across age, such as in autistic children, in order to discover unique contributions of the cerebellum in the orchestration of brain tissue change in distal regions. This work is of importance because alterations in cerebellar structure have long-reaching impacts on the neocortex, compromising learning, executive function, and social cognition.

My work is funded by the National Science Foundation (GRFP) and the Ford Foundation, National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, Predoctoral Fellowship.

Plans for Summer 2022

Confirmed pairing; no longer looking for a mentee.

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