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Michael Soskind

Department: Electrical and Computer Engineering
Faculty Adviser: Gerard Wysocki
Year of Study: G5
Undergraduate School: Rutgers University
Undergraduate Major: Electrical and Computer Engineering

Personal Bio

I have spent the past 20 years in New Jersey, and am proud to call the state home. I grew up just 15 minutes away from Princeton, and thoroughly enjoy the plentiful hiking spots, musical/cultural events, and proximity to New York, the beaches, and farmland! I strive on working on my personal development, and consider myself as a kind and compassionate human being. On the weekends, you can find me playing disc golf or basketball, and I also love listening to audio books and tinkering with electronics. As an undergraduate, I worked on awesome research growing novel single crystal fibers for a variety of specialty optics applications, including laser source and amplifier development.

Fun Fact

I can juggle, and I picked up the skill while I was bored during tennis camp in 5th grade.

Research Pitch

Our research group is an exciting, interdisciplinary, applied research group developing new types of laser systems for laser sensing in applications such as environmental monitoring, biomedical diagnostics, and national defense. As an example, I have been developing novel lasers capable of sensing methane, and unique hardware to track flying drones to locate and determine how much natural gas is being leaked to the atmosphere. This work is important for both the environment and humanity, as it allows for more efficient natural gas transmission, and can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions across the world! Currently, this is a hard problem, as methane has no odor, and leaks are hard to see because the gas is invisible, but using the technologies we are developing, companies can monitor and locate a leak in hazardous and remote areas, such as congested natural gas facilities, or along remote pipelines. The research we work on is relatively late stage, so these developments can be licensed to companies in the near future!

Plans for Summer 2022

Confirmed pairing; no longer looking for a mentee.

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