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Megan Kang

Department: Sociology
Faculty Adviser: Matthew Desmond
Year of Study: G2
Undergraduate School: UC Berkeley
Undergraduate Major: History and Political Science

Personal Bio

I'm a Southern CA native who also spent time living in Seoul, Korea. I went to UC Berkeley for undergrad, where I studied History and Political Science and wrote an undergraduate thesis about how the introduction of photography influenced our conception of time. Upon graduating, I worked as a Teach for America corps member in Detroit. I then went to University of Chicago to get my Masters in Public Policy, where I also worked at the University of Chicago Crime Lab.

My favorite things about Princeton are the trees, the architecture & art on campus, and the fact that everyone's job here is to uncover and absorb knowledge.

Fun Fact

I love to watch youtube videos of inspiring animal stories (like the ones from the Dodo). I am the mom of a very sweet whippet-lab mix named Nara and ride horses when I'm not doing research.

Research Pitch

I study why people engage in violent crime and am interested in what preventive approaches to violence that do not rely on traditional law enforcement approaches could look like. I do this using primarily qualitative approaches - including in-depth interviews and ethnography. I think that these methods are important in helping us understand people's experiences and issues on the ground within the context in which violence occurs.

Plans for Summer 2022

Confirmed pairing; no longer looking for a mentee.

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