Jessica Garwood

Jessica Garwood

Department: Geosciences
Faculty Adviser: Laure Resplandy
Year of Study:
Undergraduate School: Dalhousie University
Undergraduate Major: Oceanography

Personal Bio

I am a Canadian postdoctoral researcher who completed a Bachelor's and research-based Master's at Dalhousie University before doing my PhD at Scripps Oceanography. I enjoyed my first undergraduate research experience so much that I continued to work with my advisor throughout my undergraduate degree and chose to pursue a Master's under his supervision. One of the best aspects of that research was doing field work in the Bay of Fundy. I am convinced that my path in science was shaped by excellent mentorship so I am motivated to pay it forward, especially towards students who do not feel represented in their field. If you want to know more about me, have a look at my website:

Fun Fact

I climb a lot.

Research Pitch

My research interests are centered on investigating how ocean physics and swimming behavior control plankton distributions. These dynamics are key to understanding the dispersal of commercial fish larvae, as well as the shuttling of carbon from the surface ocean to its depths. At Princeton, I use idealized ocean models for my work, but in the past, I also conducted a lot of field work, including with plankton robots.