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Jacob Tucker

Department: Politics
Faculty Adviser: Mark Beissinger
Year of Study: G3
Undergraduate School: University of Southern California
Undergraduate Major: International Relations

Personal Bio

I am currently a doctoral candidate in the Politics department at Princeton. Before coming here, I received a Bachelor's Degree in International Relations from the University of Southern California. While there, I worked as a research assistant for three years for Benjamin Graham and Jonathan Markowitz, primarily focussing on questions at the intersection of international political economy and security studies research. I also wrote a senior thesis on parliamentary responsiveness to public opinion in Russia under the direction of Brett Carter.

Outside of academics, I love spending time with my wife and dogs (a border collie and a siberian husky/german shepherd mix). I also enjoy photography and videography. I'm originally from Utah, but haven't lived there since I left for college in California.

Fun Fact

I once ran into George Lucas while at USC.

Research Pitch

My research agenda generally seeks to understand why authoritarian citizens support their leaders from the perspective of political psychology. My dissertation explores the question of how autocratic citizens rationalize their support for an authoritarian regime with the repressive events committed by the regime. Beyond these substantive concerns, I am also interested in survey methods, experimental design, and quantitative methods more generally.

Plans for Summer 2022

Confirmed pairing; no longer looking for a mentee.

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