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Angela Li

Department: Sociology
Faculty Adviser: Patrick Sharkey
Year of Study: G2
Undergraduate School: University of Chicago
Undergraduate Major: Public Policy Studies and Economics

Personal Bio

I'm originally from Virginia but went to Chicago for my undergrad. While I was there, I got interested in social science and studying cities. During college, I worked for Chicago Public Schools, interned at a civic innovation nonprofit in NYC, and wrote my senior thesis on housing and demolition in Detroit. After I graduated, I worked for two years at the Center for Spatial Data Science researching access to treatment for the opioid epidemic and teaching spatial analysis methods. I also interned at a small transit startup where I worked with municipal governments to help them serve their constituents.

My favorite place in Princeton is The Little Chef, which has the absolute best croissants in town!

Fun Fact

I played club ultimate frisbee during college (and still play summer league and pickup every once in a while).

Research Pitch

I'm a sociologist and I'm interested in questions of spatial inequality. I use quantitative methods and spatial analysis (i.e. GIS) to study the inequitable distribution of resources across areas of the US. For example, why do certain neighborhoods have access to good schools, healthcare, housing, and employment whereas other areas experience persistent poverty or limited opportunity? What does that mean for the people who live in various neighborhoods and their life outcomes? I am interested in documenting these processes over time. Additionally, I am interested in the policies and institutions that create these inequalities and how we can address these challenges today.

Plans for Summer 2022

Confirmed pairing; no longer looking for a mentee.

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