Thomas Kroen

Thomas Kroen

Department: Economics
Faculty Adviser: Atif Mian
Year of Study: G5
Undergraduate School: University of Mannheim (Germany)
Undergraduate Major: Economics

Personal Bio

I am fifth graduate student in Economic who originally comes from Germany. During my undergraduate studies I got more and more drawn towards economic research, which motivated me to first pursue a master's degree and then my PhD in Economics.

In my free time, I like running, cooking, playing chess and travelling.

Fun Fact

I am bilingual in French and German and love traveling to France.

Research Pitch

My research is at the intersection of economics and finance. Currently I work on two main questions. First, what is the impact of the current low interest rate environment on the economy?
Second, do short-termist investors prefer paying out corporate earnings rather than investing. Both projects help understanding critical policy debates at the moment and hopefully provide a deeper understanding of these core issues.
I am mostly working with micro data and I am very happy to share some of my experience in working with this type of data but I also pursue more theoretical research avenues.