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Gokce Dayanikli

Department: Operations Research and Financial Engineering
Faculty Adviser: Rene Carmona
Year of Study: G4
Undergraduate School: Bogazici University
Undergraduate Major: Industrial Engineering

Personal Bio

Hi, I am a graduate student from İzmir, Turkey. I spent my last 5 years in Istanbul because of my university and as my senior research project I worked with Nestle for increasing their supply-chain efficiency based on agent-based simulation. Now I am working on Mean-Field Games applications under the supervision of Prof. Carmona.
An adjective which describes me would be "balanced" . I am trying to balance every aspect of my life even if I am not always successful! One thing that I love about Princeton is that you can walk everywhere and I love that it's sunny during some winter days. I love going to concerts and I have a list of concerts that I would love to go in the future!

Fun Fact

I love Tango :)

Research Pitch

I am a fourth year ORFE PhD student and I am working on Mean Field Game and Control applications.
Key terms for my project would be Game Theory (Economics), Applied Mathematics and Stochastic Optimal Control.
For me, my research area is interesting because it is interdisciplinary , applied but at the same time theoretically challenging.
In a more simplified way, in my research I am working on the problems that agents (can be human, firms, etc.) are encountering and trying to understand their decisions under different decision processes and policies.
Some applications I’ve been interested in are the advertising decisions in Duopoly markets where large number of consumers are involved, renewable/nonrenewable energy usage decisions under different tax policies.
Nowadays, I am also focused on epidemics, where we try to construct o model on Covid-19 to understand people’s decision on how much to use preventive measures like mask wearing, social distancing.

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